Newlife's steel sheeting (flexisteel) is made by mixing iron powder with plastic (CPE etc.). It has excellent magnetic receptive ability. It is easily cut, bent, twisted, coiled, or can be machined into almost any shape without damaging its magnetic receptive properties.
Unlike normal steel sheeting, Newlife’s Steel Sheeting doesn’t have hard and sharp corners or edges and it won’t cause cuts or injuries and is safe to handle. This material is ideal for white boards, magnetic dartboards, and educational products (like magnetic books, magnetic puzzles and chess boards, etc.)
This material is becoming increasing popular for the use as magnetic wall paper. Laminating this material with digital printable or other materials and printing beautiful designs and images creates wall paper that can be exchanged and/or replaced when applied to a wall that has a layer of our magnetic sheeting with adhesive. Restaurants, businesses, and home owners can easily change their wall paper according to their mood, holiday, or season. Multiple layers can be applied to create attractive designs and decors. The versatility of this product creates many different decorating and advertizing possibilities.
Newlife’s Steel Sheeting is supplied in sheet or roll or different shapes. Plain, laminated with PVC, adhesive and other things are available. We also supply normal flexisteel and antirust flexisteel.


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