Newlife manufactures different kinds of dry-erased films, included glossy whiteboard film series, projective matte whiteboard film series, clear whiteboard film series, chalkboard film series and etc. Our dry-erased films are made of high quality PET, PVC material and dry-erased surface treatment of professional polymer composite technology, which has excellent write-on and wipe-off durability, and is good at weatherproof. Newlife also manufactures different kinds of polymer material with dry-erased film and our magnets or magnetic receptive material.

Glossy whiteboard film series have magnetic glossy whiteboard film, magnetic receptive glossy whiteboard film, Cling-King glossy whiteboard film, adhesive back glossy whiteboard film.

Projective matte whiteboard film series have magnetic projective matte whiteboard film, magnetic receptive projective matte whiteboard film, Cling-King projective matte whiteboard film, adhesive back projective matte whiteboard film.

Clear whiteboard series have adhesive back clear whiteboard film andplain clear whiteboard film.

Chalkboard film series have magnetic black or green chalkboard film, magnetic receptive black or green chalkboard film.


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