High Density Alloy is an alloy of tungsten matrix, added small other chemical, which has excellent performance of high density, high strength, high hardness, good ductility and electric conductivity and thermal conductivity.  High Density Alloy is mainly used in machinery balance weight, counterweight rod, darts rod, golf counterweight piece, mobile phones and game oscillator, aerospace gyroscope, pendulum, medical devices, high proportion electrical contacts, military tungsten alloys penetrator and submunition. Counter weight is mainly used in vibration motor. Since the counter weight being barycenter offset, and the focus being out off motor rotor, when the motor rotor turn, there will be shock.
Newlife's High Density Alloy Department is specialized in producing of counter weight, tungsten ball and other tungsten alloy products. We are one of the largest manufacturers domestically. We have been supplying products to famous mobile phone companies, such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, Huawei, ZTE.
We have great R&D strength, the researchers are all senior personage in the field of powder metallurgy industry and tungsten alloy, who have abundant industry knowledge and experience. There are high-tech production equipments of mixing, precision parts molding, high temperature sintering furnace, and a full set of advanced testing equipment with mature inspecting technology. We can produce various complex shapes, high precision and excellent performance of counter weight parts. Our production is effective and with advanced technology, and our product is cost effective.


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