With the development of printing technology, the printers are becoming wider and faster and can realize the better printing performance gradually. To make thinner, wider, lighter, stronger energy and better printing performance magnets is always Newlife's mission. In the 7 years meticulously R&D and continued improvement, Newlife launch the world thinnest and widest magnets, named MACO NM series.

MACONM series wide-format magnets has standard thickness 0.3mm or 12mi, standard width 1270mm/1370mm/1524mm or 50”/54”/60”, and standard length20M/30M or 50Ft/100ft.

MACO NM series wide-format magnets can be classified as both standard magnetic energy and high magnetic energy according to their magnetic properties.

MACO NM series wide-format magnets can be classified as plain and printable according to their finish or laminates.

MACO NM series Wide-format Magnets -Plain Brown, magnets with one side magnetized and the other side weak or non-magnetized after through magnetizing. The weak side is for laminated PVC, PP or paper, the magnetized side is for work with magnetic receptive material, such as iron board.

In Greater China region, MACO wide-format magnets is used换得易® (pronunciation of "Huan De Yi") as brand and trademark. Overseas brand and trademark is MACO® .


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